It’s a big weekend of Karting this weekend with May Club Day racing at your local kart club around the state, along with Round 3 of the Australian Kart Championship at Monarto, South Australia.

Pre entries for Club Day racing close today for many clubs so get your entry in to help out and support your local club. Some clubs are running a combined Club Day while others are also running the “BRING A MATE” programme so it’s best to check with your local club for their May Club Day status at the following kart clubs Albury Wodonga Kart Club Bairnsdale Kart Club Ballarat Kart Club Bendigo Kart Club Eastern Lions Kart Club Geelong Karting Club Gippsland Go Kart Club Go Kart Club of Victoria Goulburn Valley Kart Club Hamilton Kart Track Mildura Kart Club Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club Portland District Karting Club Rochester Kart Club South West Kart Club Swan Hill Kart Club Warrnambool Kart Club Wimmera Kart Racing Club Inc

For the new drivers racing this weekend at Club Day welcome to the sport of karting your local club personnel and fellow members will be able to help with any questions you have and we hope you have a great days racing, also good luck to all the drivers that are competing in South Australia at the Australian Kart Championship!
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VALE #69 Nicky Hayden “The Kentucky Kid” 2006 MotoGP World Champion

A big inspiration to all racers for many years both 2 and 4 wheels!
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Just under 200 drivers across 13 classes competed at Round 3 of the 2017 Austrans Victorian Country Series held at the Portland and District Kart Club at the weekend, with some 30 South Australian competitors coming across the border to compete, along with Cadet 9 driver #16 Bodhi Stevens and his team putting in a great effort to make the journey from Darwin, NT.

The rain that hit the track for practice on Saturday held off for the drivers on Sunday, which lead to some close and competitive races throughout the day.

Some highlights from the days racing included Rochester Kart Club driver #2 Billy Westereld backing up his red plate victory at the Australasian Kart Titles last weekend, taking 1st in the TaG 125 Restricted Medium class ahead of Ballarat Kart Club driver #4 Anthony Warner and Go-Kart Club of Victoria driver #57 James Stewart.

#94 Kobi Williams (Oakleigh) drove through the field after finishing 5th in heats 1 and 2 to go on to take 1st in the final of KA4 Junior Light ahead of local Portland driver #25 Corey Herbertson and Ballarat’s #31 Jaxson Cox.

In the KA3 Senior Light class South Australian competitor #14 Nikki Watson put in a great drive across the day to take 3rd behind #37 Jack Bell (Oakleigh) 1st and #72 Toby Pope (GKCV) 2nd who were both coming off strong runs at the Vic Kart Championship.

#20 Remo Luciani (Wimmera Kart Club) took a clean sweep of the KA3 Senior Medium class ahead of #7 Christopher Thomas (Oakleigh Go-Kart Racing Club) and fellow Wimmera driver #19 Alex Baker.

Geelong Kart Club drivers #66 Will Harper 1st, #92 Matthew Domaschenz 2nd, and #82 Corbin Bailey 3rd took a clean sweep of the placings in the Cadet 12 class.

#9 Nathan Williams (GKCV) continued his winning form from the Vic Kart Champ with victory in the KA4 Junior Heavy class ahead of South Australian drivers #70 Aaron Oliver (SGKC) and #99 Adam Jr Slattery.

Warrnambool’s #94 Joseph Clough took 1st in the TaG 125 Restricted Light class ahead of Australasian Kart Titles red plate winner #7 Gerry Westerveld with Ballarat’s #33 Alexander Barallon 3rd.

Local Portland drivers #3 Adam and #4 Scott King took 1st and 2nd in the TaG 125 Heavy class ahead of Geelong's #54 Aaron Hindle.

In the KA3 Junior class #95 Nathan Williams (GKCV) backed up his 1st place in the KA4 Junior class by also claiming victory in the KA3 Junior class ahead of Geelong #90 Ethan Church and Oakleigh’s #41 Marty Wright.

#72 Toby Pope (GKCV) backed up his 2nd place in the KA3 Senior Light class taking a clean sweep of the TaG 125 Light class ahead of local driver #9 Jordan Rae and Hamilton driver #15 Harley Benson.

South West Kart Club driver #21 Rusty Ponting continued his hot form after winning the 1st Round of the Vic Kart Championship in the Cadet 9 class by also winning at Portland, ahead of #94 Cadel Ambrose (Oakleigh/Eastern Lions) with Geelong’s #36 Thomas Schmidt also backing up his great 3rd result at the Vic Kart Championship with 3rd at Portland.

Hamilton driver #92 Ronald Taylor took a clean sweep of the TaG 125 Restricted Masters class, with Wimmera’s #11 Leon Forrest 2nd and Hamilton’s #55 Andrew Stubbs in 3rd.

In the TaG 125 Restricted Heavy class #46 Nathan Van Es (Geelong Kart Club) also took a clean sweep of the day with 1st in all races, ahead of #13 Billy Askew (Warrnambool Kart Club) and South Australia’s #51 Andrew Harvey (Mount Gambier Kart Club).

With Round 3 now completed we are now only at the half way point of the 2017 series, with 3 exciting rounds of racing still to come and plenty of opportunities for drivers to make a late series charge back up the overall series points leaderboard!

Round 4 at Wimmera Kart Club on July 16th
Round 5 at Hamilton Kart Club on Septemeber 10th
Round 6 at Warrnambool Kart Club on October 14th and 15th

Checkout all the great pics from the meeting from Pace Images and the Victorian Country Series on their facebook pages.

Austrans Victorian Country Series Round 3 podium positions

TaG 125 Restricted Medium class (21 drivers)
1st #2 Billy Westerveld (Rochester Kart Club)
2nd #4 Anthony Warner (Ballarat Kart Club)
3rd #57 James Stewart (Go-Kart Club of Victoria)

KA4 Junior Light class (16 drivers)
1st #94 Kobi Williams (Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club)
2nd #25 Corey Herbertson (Portland District Kart Club)
3rd #31 Jaxson Cox (Ballarat Kart Club)

KA3 Senior Light class (15 drivers)
1st #37 Jack Bell (Oakleigh Go-Kart Racing Club)
2nd #72 Toby Pope (Go-Kart Club of Victoria)
3rd #14 Nikki Watson (South Go-Kart Club / Barossa Go Kart Club)

KA3 Senior Medium class (7 drivers)
1st #20 Remo Luciani (Wimmera Kart Club)
2nd #7 Christopher Thomas (Oakleigh Go Kart Racing Club)
3rd #19 Alex Baker (Wimmera Kart Club)

Cadet 12 class (18 drivers)
1st #66 Will Harper (Geelong Kart Club)
2nd #92 Matthew Domaschenz (Geelong Kart Club)
3rd #82 Corbin Bailey (Geelong Kart Club)

KA4 Junior Heavy class (16 drivers)
1st #9 Nathan Williams (Go-Kart Club of Victoria)
2nd #70 Aaron Oliver (Southern Go-Kart Club)
3rd 99 Adam Jr Slattery (Southern Go-Kart Club)

TaG 125 Restricted Light class (27 drivers)
1st #94 Joseph Clough (Warrnambool Kart Club)
2nd #7 Gerry Westerveld (Rochester Kart Club)
3rd #33 Alexander Barallon (Ballarat Kart Club)

TaG 125 Heavy class (10 drivers)
1st #3 Adam King (Portland Kart Club)
2nd #4 Scott King (Portland Kart Club)
3rd #54 Aaron Hindle (Geelong Kart Club)

KA3 Junior class (13 drivers)
1st #95 Nathan Williams (Go-Kart Club of Victoria)
2nd #90 Ethan Church (Geelong Kart Club)
3rd #41 Marty Wright (Oakleigh Go-Kart Racing Club)

TaG 125 Light (21 drivers)
1st #72 Toby Pope (Go-Kart Club of Victoria)
2nd #9 Jordan Rae (Portland District Kart Club)
3rd #15 Harley Benson (Hamilton Kart Club)

Cadet 9 class (14 drivers)
1st #21 Rusty Ponting (South West Kart Club)
2nd #94 Cadel Ambrose (Oakleigh / Eastern Lions)
3rd #36 Thomas Schmidt (Geelong Kart Club)

TaG 125 Restricted Masters class (10 drivers)
1st #92 Ronald Taylor (Hamilton Kart Club)
2nd #11 Leon Forrest (Wimmera Kart Club)
3rd #55 Andrew Stubbs (Hamilton Kart Club)

TaG 125 Restricted Heavy class (8 drivers)
1st #46 Nathan Van Es (Geelong Kart Club)
2nd #13 Billy Askew (Warrnambool Kart Club)
3rd #51 Andrew Harvey (Mount Gambier Kart Club)

(Photo) the young drivers of the Cadet 12 class take the starters lights for the start of racing at Round 3 of the Austrans Victorian Country Series at the Portland & District Kart Club (pic by Pace Images)
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Victorian Country SeriesABC South West VIC FYI - Race results and pics from Portland2 days ago

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The drivers and pit crews assemble on the grid Sunday morning taking in the information for the days event from the race officials at drivers briefing. At Round 3 of the Austrans Victorian Country Series at the Portland District Karting Club (pic by Pace Images) ... See MoreSee Less

Thumbs up from young Cadet 9 driver #5 Leo Iannella ( Karting S.A. / Southern Go Kart Club / The Go Kart Club of SA) and pit crew before heading out for the start of their race at Round 3 of the Austrans Victorian Country Series at the Portland District Karting Club (pic by Pace Images) ... See MoreSee Less


If you want clubday to happen - we need to know names TONIGHT
Pre-enter via CMS or drop a comment
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Well done to all the Ballarat karters at the Portland VCS round. Don't forget, clubday is this weekend and we'd love to see a few karters to have some fun and help the newcomers. Pre-entering online...

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Ballarat Kart ClubBugger all entered Al. Looks like an opportunity to freshen up my engine instead.7 hours ago
Alan SaintI will run tag heavy if someone else does7 hours ago

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Our Dunlop Kartsport random draw winners for Portland were
David Stewart
Corey Herbetson
Brocklan Parker
Corbin Bailey
Joel McPherson
Maximus Fahey
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Some very handy tyre covers and tyre bags are up for grabs this weekend from Dunlop Kartsport The random draw will be after driver's briefing. Dunlop also have some cool new developments in this area...

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Remember club day saturday we are starting early for tea, games and iPod shuffle night ... See MoreSee Less

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Swan Hill Kart Club added an Swan Hill Kart Club May Club Day. ... See MoreSee Less

Swan Hill Kart Club May Club Day

Swan Hill Kart Club May Club Day

May 28, 10:00am

Swan Hill Kart Club

It's not too late to Pre-Enter and Pay Online for this weekends Club day. Entries Close at Midnight tonight. If you have any questions on how to enter and pay please contact me on 0439322266. Simply select your class and follow the prompts. It's Easy!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Club day numbers are looking a little low. Have you got your entry in? They close tonight. ... See MoreSee Less

This club day we will be running our BRING A MATE programme again. Senior and Juniorckasses only (not cadets). Must be restricted or KA3 karts. If you don't have a kart your friend car use contact John Reynolds. 0412578369 Paperwork for this will be distributed after drivers briefing. 9.20 am.
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Some photo's from the weekend at Portland (R3 Vic Country Series) Sunday 21 May ... See MoreSee Less

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Remember this Sunday 28th of May is Club Day. It is very important to register on CMS for numbers so please do so ASAP. It is now possible to pay online ... See MoreSee Less

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Entries close for club day at 12 tomorrow night..... get your entries in and will see you all on Sunday for some fun racing!
Late entries welcome on Sunday also 🏁
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A huge thanks to the People who gave a hand on Sunday for the working bee, good to see new members on board helping the club out, very appreciated! Be good to see more members helping keep the track tidy, if the track isn't maintained by the members and kept tidy imagine what a mess it would be, these working bees are there for this reason so we can all race and use the track!!
A huge thanks to Heath for a surprise BBQ.
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VCS Portland Kerbriders of the day

Cadets: Annalise Ellis
Juniors: Corey Herbetson
Seniors: Ron Taylor

Each winner picked up a very handy bottle of Maxima Oil and Motul Chain Lube
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club day Bendigo this weekend good practise for the GOLD CUP cms now ... See MoreSee Less

Dont forget CMS entrys close for Bendigo enter now if you are going ... See MoreSee Less

Hi Members, preentries close tomorrow. Please help the club be prepared and enter early.
This month we have a raffle for 3 meat trays, you must be there to win.
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