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Entries close tomorrow night (Wednesday) if you are heading over to Swan Hill for round 5 of the Golden Power Series, get your entry in before tomorrow night. ... See MoreSee Less

Entries close tomorrow night (Wednesday) if you are heading over to Swan Hill for round 5 of the Golden Power Series, get your entry in before tomorrow night.

If anyone can help in the canteen Saturday or Sunday please call ir text Sheree 0402839650
Thank you.
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General meeting tonight 7.30 at club rooms. ... See MoreSee Less

We need to book the Xmas party on this baby ... See MoreSee Less

We need to book the Xmas party on this baby

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Take Cadel for another cruise Suzie Morrell

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You said u wanted to go on a cruise Belinda Assigal? I'm willing to compromise

Hell yeS !!! Im in 🙂

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Leah Ling for Steve??!!!!!! And Rory of course!!

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Hi Members. We need a couple of people to help with grid marshalling and safety light operations for our club day tomorrow. If you can help call John Reynolds 0412578369 ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago

Albury Wodonga Kart Club

Click here to download the Supp Regs for Round 6 at Albury:
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Kane Richards

What r u buying champ

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Can anyone help with tyre collection and transport to the track on Friday afternoon. If so call John Reynolds 0412578369 ... See MoreSee Less

About The Albury-Wodonga Kart Club

The Albury Wodonga Kart Club Inc. was formed on the 27th of May 1985 after a small but obviously committed group of karters saw the need for a local club. “Committed” was certainly a term used loosely as the ensuing battle to realize the dream was in fact capable of having each and every member committed to a room with soft walls. 

Four years passed with many a gray hair as these founding members battled local authorities for a venue as they willing drove hours to satisfy their addiction. Many sites were inspected but still no local track. As anyone will tell you, it is always darkest before dawn, so too was the birth of the track. When all seemed lost , the Wodonga Council and Albury Wodonga Development Corporation rallied to the rescue with a long lease for the current land. 

The next three years saw much fund raising take place as $75,000 was generated the hard way via raffles and the like. Gold medallion concept generated over $30,000 along. A humble beginning for a great club. 

Today the club has around 130 members over 100 of those holding licenses. The average club day comprises 50 to 70 competitors. The AWKC has a commitment to ongoing education of all members who wish to seek it. Consequently we boast enough personnel to undertake any race day with all duties covered. 

It hasn’t always been easy but the AWKC has managed to have a solid number of members able to assist the running of club days and opens. The evidence was manifested in the level of competence shown in the 1996 Championship. 

Track Location and Facilities 
The karting complex is situated about 15 minutes from the center of Albury Wodonga. The would be Melbourne competitor would find it quite easy as the exit for the track is off the Freeway and comprises a 5 minute drive with 3 roads to negotiate. 

The track itself is hot mix being 730 meters long after alterations in 1997 8 meters wide. The in and out grids accommodate 32 karts and are made of concrete. All positions are numbered. A new layout of our track showing the extended back straight in enclosed, please note we now start on the back straight. 

The beauty of our country location is the amount of land available to accommodate the amount of cars and trailers the championship would generate quite easily. Within the immediate circuit area, 350 cars and trailers can be parked whilst a further 700 spots are available across the road. 

Our new canteen /toillet block and clubrooms is first rate with the ability to provide a large variety of foodstuffs to satisfy. In the event of the championship, local clubs can assist to further expand our already good capabilities.

The standard of present ability for our facilities is excellent. Those familiar with the track would be aware of the various structures in place to assist the running of racing, namely the lap scorers building, starters stand and commentators stand. The racing is started using traffic lights of the Red/Green variety.

Club Name Albury-Wodonga Kart Club
Circuit Name Sheathers Road Kart Complex
Club Location Sheathers Road, Wodonga
Club Website
Club Facebook
Club Contact John Reynolds
Phone 0412 578 369

Circuit Diagram

Photo Gallery

Video from the Albury-Wodonga Kart Club

On board video from Albury-Wodonga Kart Clubs Sheathers Road Kart Complex circuit

Club Details
Monthly Meeting Second Tuesday of each month
7.30pm at Clubrooms Sheathers road Wodonga
Membership Details Social (Non Racing) $20
Single $100
Family $150
One off fee $60
Keys are available for AKA licensed non members. A $50 deposit is required and $30 will be refunded upon return of key. (a current licence must be presented before key will be issued).
 Postal Address P.O.Box 427, Lavington, NSW 2641

Club Personnel
Club President, Race and Licence Secretary James Reynolds
Phone 0411 490 498
Club Secretary Ali Guttler
Phone 0407 433 061
Co-Licence Secretary John
Phone 0412 578 369

Track Details
Track Name AWKC, Sheathers Road Kart Complex
Track Location Sheathers Road, Wodonga
Track Length 785m x 8m
Grid Capacity 36
Track Surface Hotmix
Direction Clockwise
Open Hours 7 days (8am – 6pm)
Camping Facilities Yes, toilet block and hot showers
Timing Strips 3

Gearing and Lap Times
Class Gearing Time
Cadets   39.7
Rookies 12:66-68 38.7
Junior Nat Light 12:72-74 37.1
Junior Nat Heavy 12:74-76 37.7
Junior Clubman    
Senior Nat Light 12:74-76 37.6
Senior Nat Heavy 12:76-78 38.2
Clubmna Light 10:77-79 34.4
Clubman Heavy 10:79-81 35.0
Clubman Super Heavy 10:81-83 35.8
Clubman Over 40’s    
Formula 100 Light 12:78-80 33.9
Formula 100 Heavy 12:80-82 34.4
Rotax Light    
Rotax Heavy    
Leopard Light 10:76-78 32.8
Leopard Heavy 10:78-80 33.3

Albury-Wodonga Kart Club details last updated 3/3/2017