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30/10/2014 Supp Regs section has been updated with Supp Regs for the 2014 Victorian Closed State Titles being held at the South West Kart Club on the 5th, 6th and 7th of December. CMS ENTRIES ONLY: Entry payment by credit card online . Entries close FRIDAY 28TH November 2014.Trophy will be awarded to the Fastest Time Qualifier in each class. Trophies will be awarded/presented for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th placegetters Black number plate will be awarded to the 1st place getter only. STATE TITLE CLASSES. Junior National Light, Junior National Heavy, Junior Clubman, Cadet, Clubman Light, Clubman Heavy, TAG Restricted125SuperHeavy, Rookie, TAG over 40’s, Junior Max, TAG 125 Restricted Light, TAG 125 Restricted Heavy, TAG 125 light, TAG 125 Heavy. See event Supp Regs for further details. Addendum 1 has been added to the Supp Regs section for the Golden Power Series Round 5 being run at the Eastern Lions Kart Club on the 8th and 9th of November 2014. Regulation…changes to sup regs 6. Entry: *Entry fee for class is $90.00, Payment by Cheque or Money Order must be received within four working days of your phone or online entry to confirm your participation. *All Entries: Close Monday night 3rd November 2014 at 9 pm. For programme. *Payments for entry are required before the event. Please forward a cheque or Money Order by post to Rebbecca Webb 5 Padstowe Court , 3064 . Entry enquiries: Shane Wharton 0419318450 Please Make Cheque out to Eastern Lions Kart Club. ONLINE ENTRIES CLOSE MONDAY 3rd November 2014. 11. Abandonment or Postponement: correct rule number is : Rule 1.26 17. Engine sealing: Cadet and Rookies as per 2014 KA Manual 18. Delete 19. Transponder location: As per KA Manual rule 25.31
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  Bendigo Kart Club contact:
Karen Arnett
P O Box 131, Golden Square 3555

0427 787 165

bendigokartclub [at] bigpond [dot]

The Bendigo Kart Club purchased their plot of land in 1966. The track surface was originally dirt with an oil finish.

Today the race circuit, known as Marong Raceway is bitumen and the club hosts many successful race meetings on the Victorian race calendar.

Racing began on the track in 1968 and the first Country Titles Open Meeting was held on the bitumen track in 1971.

The track is located on the Calder Highway west of the township of Bendigo.

Club Postal Address: Bendigo Kart Club Inc.
PO BOX 131, Golden Square,
Vic, 3555
Monthly Meetings: 7:30pm at the Kangaroo Flat Sports Club, held Tuesday following the first Thursday of each month.
Club President: Craig Arnett
Phone: (03) 5447 4214
Mobile: 0427 787 165
bendigokartclub [at] bigpond [dot]
Club Secretary: Karen Arnett
Phone: (03) 5447 4214
Mobile: 0427 787 165
Email: bendigokartclub [at] bigpond [dot]
Club Race Secretary: Karen Arnett
Phone: (03) 5447 4214
Mobile: 0427 787 165
Email: bendigokartclub [at] bigpond [dot]

Track Name: Marong Raceway
Track Location: Gold Associate’s rd, West of Bendigo
Track Length: 550m
Grid Capacity: 20
Track Surface: Bitumen
Direction: Anti-Clockwise
Open Hours: 10am-5pm - Tues, Thurs, Saturday and Sunday
Camping Facilities: Shower facilities are available
Timing Strips -

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Class Gearing Lap Time
Midget:  12-72-74
Rookies: 12:74-76
Junior Nat Light: 11:74-76
Junior Nat Heavy: 11:76-78
Junior Clubman: 9.79-82
Senior National light: 11.76-78
Senior National Heavy: 11.79-81
Clubman Light: 9:80-82
Clubman Heavy: 9.82-84
Clubman Super Heavy: 9.84-86
Clubman Over 40's: 9:82-84
Formula 100 Light: -  -
Formula 100 Heavy: -  -
Formula Rotax Light: 11.81-83
Formula Rotax Heavy: 11.83-86
Leopard Light: 10.81-83
Leopard Heavy: 10.83-85
Junior Piston Port: -  -
Sportsman: -  -
VKA Office 10:00am to 5:00pm weekdays

(03) 9362 1144 - (Melbourne)
(03) 5449 6362 - (Country)
(03) 5449 6442
vka [at] bigpond [dot] net (dot) au
Postal Address:
PO Box Maiden Guly
VIC, 3551

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