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Great day today at Rochester for the first of our combined Clubdays. Well done to everyone who made the trip and especially all our members who jagged a podium.
And Heath for best race suit/pjs!
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Daryl BuckThanks to all the Bendigo members for coming up to Rochy for the weekend, great days racing, excellent turn out and awesome to see clubs working together for a common goal. We should see an even bigger turn out at Bendigo for the next round.1 week ago   ·  2

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We got a great big convo ain't she a beautiful site. ... See MoreSee Less

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Bendigo Kart ClubCONVOY!!1 week ago
Kaide LehmannHeading to Rochi??1 week ago
Heath JelbartGood weekend to mate1 week ago

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Well Sunday is looking like being a cracker day!!
There is a few Bendigo members meeting out the front of Bendigo Toyota in Epsom to head up to Rochester so if you want to join the convoy it will leave at 6.45am heading straight to the track.
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Ford GlennWhat time do.s everything start boys.1 week ago
Heath JelbartSee you there guys 😳1 week ago
Jamie HaleSounds like a plan see ya then.1 week ago

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News section and Rules section has been updated with Technical Rule Interpretation TRI-16-04 Rear Impact Production to be implemented immediately).

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Weather is looking good for the weekend, entries are still coming in, have you got yours in yet??
Restricted Masters will be added to meeting so get on board.
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Combined Club day at Rochester is getting close pre entries close Wednesday so get your entry in.
Classes are filling up, but which club will have the most entries?
C'mon Bendigo members get involved.

Entry count now at 46
Rochester 16
Bendigo 15
Numurkah 10
Others 5

Unless there are some late entries Rochester is leading the club entry challenge.
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Heath JelbartLook out Jamie hale I'm after you 💂2 weeks ago

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6.30 news update challenge heats up

Bendigo. ...............9
Rochester .............9

Gvkc members have stepped up to the challenge 👍👍👍 Lets go guys if your racing club day get those entry's in now. Support your local clubs let's make these inter club combined race days work 😀😀😀
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Rochester are holding the 1st round of the Combined club days
with Bendigo and Goulburn Valley this month

The club challenge is on entries as of today .....
Rochester and Bendigo both have 8 member entries each
with 4 from other clubs and Goulburn Valley on the board with 2
WHICH CLUB WILL GET THE MOST tell your mates get your entries in now and support your club day racing Entries are available NOW on CMS
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Tim McNeillyWhat's the date of this one?4 weeks ago

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Awesome day at the Bendigo Kart Track, big thanks to everyone who made the effort to race and even bigger thanks to all our volunteers it can't happen without these people great work team! Also thanks for the support of Brigdewater Bakery, Snapon Tools and Mr Whippy Central Vic. ... See MoreSee Less

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Daryl BuckThanks to BKC from Buck family racing, great event, clearly a heap of works been done by the new committee and their team. Very friendly group of people, well worth turning up for a race day. Thanks to all that put dinner on Saturday night, like old days racing, sitting around and having a laugh!4 weeks ago   ·  1
Greg YoungThanks BKC for another great day. Special 'thanks' to all the volunteers.4 weeks ago   ·  1

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New Umbrellas went in tonight, thanks Harold and Craig and thanks Bob for chasing them up.
Track looking a treat ready for Gold Cup, entries are still rolling in but closing tomorrow so get yours in. We are running and weather is looking great!
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Martin GolledgeWhat time track open Saturday for practise please1 month ago
Bendigo Kart Club12 mate gotta have a bit of a tidy up in morning.1 month ago

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About The Bendigo Kart Club

The Bendigo Kart Club purchased their plot of land in 1966. The track surface was originally dirt with an oil finish. 

Today the race circuit, known as Marong Raceway is bitumen and the club hosts many successful race meetings on the Victorian race calendar.

Racing began on the track in 1968 and the first Country Titles Open Meeting was held on the bitumen track in 1971.

The track is located on the Calder Highway west of the township of Bendigo.

Club Name Bendigo Kart Club
Circuit Name Marong Raceway
Club Location Gold Associate’s rd, West of Bendigo
Club Facebook
Club Contact Cameron Austin
Phone 0408 353 866

Circuit Diagram

Photo Gallery

On board video from Bendigo Kart Clubs Marong Raceway


Historic Bendigo Kart Club Footage


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Club Details
Club Postal Address Bendigo Kart Club Inc.
PO BOX 131, Golden Square, 
Vic, 3555
Monthly Meetings 7:30pm at the Kangaroo Flat Sports Club, held Tuesday following the first Thursday of each month.

Club Personnel
Club President Cameron Austin
Mobile  0408 353 866
Club Secretary  
Club Race Secretary  
Licence Secretary Simon Phillips
Phone 0437 426 774
Club Committee  
  Cameron Austin
Phone 0408 353 866

Track Details
Track Name Marong Raceway
Track Location Gold Associate’s rd, West of Bendigo
Track Length 550m
Grid Capacity 20
Track Surface Bitumen
Direction Anti-Clockwise
Open Hours 10am-5pm – Tues, Thurs, Saturday and Sunday
Camping Facilities Shower facilities are available
Timing Strips

Bendigo Kart Club Race Calendar
  Club Day
  Club Day
  Club Day
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  Club Day

Gearing and Lap Times
Class Gearing Time
Cadets 12:72-74 27.8
Rookies 12:74-76 27.4
Junior Nat Light 11:74-76 26.0
Junior Nat Heavy 11:76-78 26.5
Junior Clubman 9.79-82 24.2
Senior Nat Light 11:76-78 26.5
Senior Nat Heavy 11:79-81 26.8
Clubman Light 9:80-82 24.8
Clubman Heavy 9:82-84 25.0
Clubman Super Heavy 9:84-86 25.3
Clubman Over 40’s 9:82-84 25.0
Formula 100 Light
Formula 100 Heavy
Rotax Light 11:81-83 23.4
Rotax Heavy 11:83-86 23.8
Leopard Light 10:81-83 23.2
Leopard Heavy 10:83-85 23.8

Bendigo Kart Club details last updated 01/12/2015