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Monthly meeting tonight people, see ya's there. ... See MoreSee Less

Cheers to Leigh and Trent for taking the karts down to Prattys Patch Friday for Joker Poker. Having a display and Charlie in her suit worked a treat with the biggest amount raised so far. The raffle will only get bigger and better as the prize gets bigger so if you can help out on a Friday night for an 1hr or so let Leigh know. ... See MoreSee Less

Hi everyone, just a reminder we are having a Stewards course at our club rooms this Saturday 4th of July from 1pm until 4pm.
Tea and coffee provided. It's a great chance to get accredited and will hopefully take the pressure off our long serving current officials. It's free of charge so if you have the time it would be great to get a good turn up. If you can reply if your coming or let Willy know that would be appreciated.
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Due to not getting our minimum of 15 entries this months clubday has been cancelled. Members are welcome to attend other clubs. A number of members are heading to Rochester now also Ballarat so if you haven't been to another track grab a Bendigo member or local to help with your setup.
Hopefully next month people will be available and we can run at home.
Happy racing and see you next month.
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Trent SimIts a shame.. rochy it is then, see ya's there2 weeks ago   ·  1

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Ok guys and girls it's coming up to that time of the year again so whack this one in the dairy so you don't miss out book a seat and have a ball ... See MoreSee Less

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Well done to Bendigo members who raced at Morwell on weekend for Golden Power some great results and a good time on and off the track had by all. Also a big thanks to Heath and Al for holding down the Joker Poker fort, more $$ for the club raised. On again this week so any help is appreciated. And of course don't forget clubday on Sunday 28th, get your preentries in!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Leigh RichardsonJoker poker is taken care of for tonight but feel free to go an have a beer an join in the fun.3 weeks ago   ·  1
Bendigo Kart ClubYour killin it Leighroy.3 weeks ago   ·  1
Leigh RichardsonTrying m8 trying.3 weeks ago

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Hi people we need some help with Joker Poker, Heath is going down but would be good if someone could help him. A number of members are away so we did someone to lend a hand. Contact can be made through here or Leigh. ... See MoreSee Less

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Trent SimI offered my services again at the meeting mate. Will be there at 6 for a feed and sneaky bevo if others want to join us?4 weeks ago   ·  1
Bendigo Kart ClubCheers Trent. Thanks to Chummy and Leigh for last week too. All members welcome even just for a chin wag!4 weeks ago   ·  1
Leigh RichardsonThanks cam. Trent you will have heath an al going along. More there the better.4 weeks ago   ·  1

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Another good night down at Prattys Patch on Friday, joker poker went well.
Thanks to Willy and Trent for the help selling tickets.
Next week Leigh and Chummy are heading down but we need a couple of volunteers for the following week. If you could let me or Leigh know that would be great. This fundraiser could be really good for the club so we need members to get behind it.
Good luck to all members racing today!
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Leigh RichardsonTop effort willy, trent an cam you raised some good money. Hope to see you at prattys this Friday night at 6.30.1 month ago

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Big thanks to these boys this morning, got the canteen roof all scraped and started painting, still a bit to do but we've made a start. Also Gordy did some drop off filling on double right hander.
Thanks to Leigh and a few fellas for running the joker poker down at Prattys, a few bucks were raised so let's keep it going.
Contact Leigh if you can help out on a Friday for an hr over the coming weeks.
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Hi all, we are running the next round of Joker Poker (Fund Raiser) at Prattys Patch starting this Friday.
Leigh will be there this week to kick it off as he has been the driving force in getting this off the ground for us. It would be great to have a few members there to see how it goes down and for people to think about a Friday night that they can give the club a couple of hrs to sell some raffle tix. There is a lot of potential for the club here. Kick off is at 6.30pm. Any questions let us know.
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Trent SimIm in, ill be there this friday night to lend a hand2 months ago   ·  1
Leigh RichardsonThanks trent. Anyone who wants info before then just give me(Leigh) a call on 0403 908 711. Thanks to Cameron Austen for posting this an giving the club a chance to raise some money. Hope to see a few there.2 months ago

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About The Bendigo Kart Club

The Bendigo Kart Club purchased their plot of land in 1966. The track surface was originally dirt with an oil finish. 

Today the race circuit, known as Marong Raceway is bitumen and the club hosts many successful race meetings on the Victorian race calendar.

Racing began on the track in 1968 and the first Country Titles Open Meeting was held on the bitumen track in 1971.

The track is located on the Calder Highway west of the township of Bendigo.


Club Name Bendigo Kart Club
Circuit Name Marong Raceway
Club Location Gold Associate’s rd, West of Bendigo
Club Facebook
Club Contact Karen Arnett
Phone 0427 787 165

Circuit Diagram

Photo Gallery

On board video from Bendigo Kart Clubs Marong Raceway


Historic Bendigo Kart Club Footage



join logo
Club Details
Club Postal Address Bendigo Kart Club Inc.
PO BOX 131, Golden Square, 
Vic, 3555
Monthly Meetings 7:30pm at the Kangaroo Flat Sports Club, held Tuesday following the first Thursday of each month.

Club Personnel
Club President Craig Arnett
Phone (03) 5447 4214
Mobile 0427 787 165
Club Secretary Karen Arnett
Phone (03) 5447 4214
Mobile 0427 787 165
Club Race Secretary Karen Arnett
Phone (03) 5447 4214
Mobile 0427 787 165
Club Secretary Karen Arnett
Phone (03) 5447 4214
Mobile 0427 787 165

Track Details
Track Name Marong Raceway
Track Location Gold Associate’s rd, West of Bendigo
Track Length 550m
Grid Capacity 20
Track Surface Bitumen
Direction Anti-Clockwise
Open Hours 10am-5pm – Tues, Thurs, Saturday and Sunday
Camping Facilities Shower facilities are available
Timing Strips

Bendigo Kart Club Race Calendar
25th Jan 2015 Club Day
01st Mar 2015 Club Day
7th, 8th Mar 2015 Golden Power Series Round 1
29th Mar 2015 Club Day
26th Apr 2015 Club Day
31st May 2015 Club Day
29th June 2015 Club Day
26th Jul 2015 Club Day
30th Aug 2015 Club Day
28th Sep 2015 Club Day
4th Oct 2015 Bendigo Gold Cup
25th Oct 2015 Club Day
29th Nov 2015 Club Day

Gearing and Lap Times
Class Gearing Time
Cadets 12:72-74 27.8
Rookies 12:74-76 27.4
Junior Nat Light 11:74-76 26.0
Junior Nat Heavy 11:76-78 26.5
Junior Clubman 9.79-82 24.2
Senior Nat Light 11:76-78 26.5
Senior Nat Heavy 11:79-81 26.8
Clubman Light 9:80-82 24.8
Clubman Heavy 9:82-84 25.0
Clubman Super Heavy 9:84-86 25.3
Clubman Over 40’s 9:82-84 25.0
Formula 100 Light
Formula 100 Heavy
Rotax Light 11:81-83 23.4
Rotax Heavy 11:83-86 23.8
Leopard Light 10:81-83 23.2
Leopard Heavy 10:83-85 23.8

Bendigo Kart Club details last updated 27/01/2011