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Round 2 Club Championships

Cadet 6 - 1st Darcy Stonehouse
Cadet 12 - 1st Nathan Emmins
2nd Jordi Belton
3rd Jake Krasna
KA4 Junior Light - 1st Joel Johnson
2nd Sam Davies
3rd Noah Crouch
KA4 Junior Heavy - 1st Aidan Solomon
2nd Kye Belton
TAG Restricted Light - 1st Bradley Matulic
TAG Rest Medium - 1st Timothy Watson
2nd Chris Gore
3rd Jonathon Osborn
KA3 Senior - 1st Darren Orr
2nd Wayne Orr
3rd Natasha Emmins
TAG 125 Light - 1st Jess Garsed
2nd Declyn Adams
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Good job to all the Mildura drivers who travelled over to Murray bridge to compete in the first round of the South Australia State Championship.

Cadet 12:
Nathan Emmins - 3rd
Rustyn Willett - 5th

KA4 Jnr Light:
Ethan Bray - DNF (taken out by another kart)

KA3 Jnr:
Bethany Koch - 5th

KA3 Snr Light:
Natasha Emmins - DNS

Tag 125 Light:
Conor Farr - DNF (mechanical problems)
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Well done to Coady Corringe and Aidan Solomon who competed at round 2 of the Golden Power Series at Rochester.
Coady competed in KA3 Jnr, running in the top 3 all weekend, but didn't have the best final and finished 5th.
Aidan competed in KA4 Jnr Heavy, running 7th most of the weekend, finished 8th in the final.
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Come along to our first social for 2017, next Saturday night the 11th March, 6.30pm at the Boulevard. Let us know if you wish to attend by Monday 6th March as we need to confirm numbers ... See MoreSee Less

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Simon LandriganCan you confirm the date please - is it the Grand Prix weekend?4 weeks ago
Bethany KochCan you please add KA3 Jnr to the class lists as it is not there and I can't enter, thanks.3 weeks ago

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Round 1 Club Championships

Cadet 12 - 1st Rustyn Willett, 2nd Nathan Emmins and 3rd Jake Krasna
KA4 Junior Light - 1st Joel Johnson, 2nd Ethan Bray and 3rd Sam Davies
KA3 Junior - 1st Aidan Solomon, 2nd Bethany Koch and 3rd Mitchell McGauchie
TAG Rest Medium - 1st Chris Gore, 2nd Jonathon Osborn and 3rd Timothy Watson
TAG 125 Light - 1st Connor Farr, 2nd Jess Garsed and 3rd Declyn Adams
TAG 125 Heavy - 1st Robin McGauchie
KA3 Senior - 1st Natasha Emmins
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Well done to Coady Gorringe and Rustyn Willett who competed at round 1 Golden Powers Series in Bendigo.
Coady competing in KA3 Junior finished on the podium in 2nd(new helmet looking good), Rustyn finished 4th in the pre-final and 8th in the final with good pace. "AWESOME JOB"
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Mildura Kart Club1 month ago   ·  2
Mildura Kart Club1 month ago   ·  2

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Looking for helpers in the canteen at our next club day Sunday 26/02/17! Please comment if you can fill a slot. 🙏🏼🍟🌭🍔


9.30am - 11am

11am - 12.30pm
Melissa Davies
Kelly Willett

12.30 - 2pm
Sally Krasna
*helper needed

2pm - close
Kylie Adams
*helper needed
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About The Mildura Kart Club

Mildura had it’s first taste of “Go-Karts” in 1960 when a “KART” appeared at the Mildura Sporting Car Club with a few bits of steel with four wheels and a steering wheel with a motor attached. The bug soon caught on and many more karts “appeared” almost overnight.

Membership grew rapidly with almost all Sporting Car Club members purchasing or making their very own “Go Karts”. Members would travel away to compete at other tracks and very soon they built their own dirt track then sought affiliation with the Governing body.

In 1972 Mildura Kart Club applied for and was granted their very first OPEN meeting. This meeting was granted for the long weekend in June, the Queens Birthday weekend and to this day, has always run on the long weekend in June.

This meeting was staged over a one day race meeting until the mid 1980’s when the Club applied for and was granted a TWO DAY MEETING to be held on the long weekend in June.

This meeting is one of the most prestigious meetings run in Victoria aside from the Victorian Open and attracts drivers from all over Victoria, South Australia and regular visitors from Queensland.

Mildura has bred many States Open and Closed Title holders, a National Title holder and two place -getters. We now boast 3 “Driver of the Year” for Victoria winners.

They being Neal Gathercole who won in 1995, Gary Dickinson who won in 1999 and Scott Ferguson who won in 2000 as well as many other Open Title meetings winners have come from our “small” country club.

We have also bred and groomed a current “Young Lion” driver and V8 supercar driver. They being Rick and Todd Kelly who both drive for the Holden Racing Team and K-Mart Racing team.

We are proud of our drivers and what they have achieved. We are very isolated in Mildura and in order for our drivers to achieve what they have achieved, their families have had to make many sacrifices.

There are 8 Life Members of which 4 are still actively involved with the Club.

The Life Members are:

Bill Jory, John Dowson, Phil Sedgmen, Harry Toole, John Dyson, Les O’Connor, Ross Gathercole and Genevieve Gathercole.

Club Name Mildura Kart Club
Circuit Name Mildura Kart Raceway
Club Location Mildura South. Adjacent to Airport
Club Website
Club Facebook
Club Contact Toni Soloman

0437 652 582


Circuit Diagram

Photo Gallery

On board video from Mildura Kart Clubs Mildura Kart Raceway

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Club Details
Club Postal Address Mildura Kart Club
PO Box 567, Mildura Victoria 3501

Club Personnel
Club President Robert Chamberlian
Club Secretary Toni Soloman
Postal Address PO Box 567, Mildura 3502

0437 652 582

Race Secretary Damien Robertson
Licence Secretary Toni Soloman

0416 562 462

Postal Address PO Box 567, Mildura 3502
Phone 0412 290 425
Club Committee  
  Robert Chamberlain
  Toni Soloman
Phone 0437 652 582

Track Details
Track Name Mildura Kart Raceway
Track Location Mildura South. Adjacent to Airport
Track Length 801m
Grid Capacity 36
Track Surface Hot mix
Direction Anti-Clockwise
Open Hours Daylight to dusk – 7 days
Camping Facilities Hot showers supplied
Timing Strips 3

Mildura Kart Club Race Calendar
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Gearing and Lap Times
Class Gearing Time
Cadets 12:74-76 43.7
Rookies 13:72-74 41.7
Junior Nat Light 12:73-74 40.7
Junior Nat Heavy 12:74-75 41.2
Clubmna Light 10:77-79 37.2
Clubman Heavy 10:80-82 37.7
Restricted 125 Light Leopard 10:74-77 37.0
Restricted 125 Light Rotax 12:78-82 37.0
Restricted 125 Heavy Leopard 10:76-78 37.6
Restricted 125 Heavy Rotax 12:83-85 37.6
Sportsman 125 Light Leopard 10:72-76 36.0
Sportsman 125 Light Rotax 12:76-80 36.0
Sportsman 125 Heavy Leopard 10:74-76 36.5
Sportsman 125 Heavy Rotax 10:77-81 36.5

Mildura Kart Club details last updated 01/12/2015