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SWKC will be going to Warrnambool for club day on Sunday 25th June. Entries will be between 9am and 10:30am, breifing at 10:45 and racing will begin at about 11am. ... See MoreSee Less

South West Kart Club shared Karting Victoria's . ... See MoreSee Less

Cancellation of Bendigo Gold Cup event 18th June Bendigo Kart Club Due to lack of pre-entries (25) less than a week before the event, we have decided to cancel the Gold Cup. Cheers Matt Ferrari Be...

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Well done to SWKC members who raced this weekend at Mildura for the 45th North West Titles. Congratulations to Max Fahey on 3rd in KA4 Junior Heavy and Andrea Perrett on 3rd in KA3 Senior Light. Nerinda Beard on 5th in KA4 Junior Light. Phil Reid on 6th in Tag Restricted Medium and Laura Fahey on 11th in Cadet 12. ... See MoreSee Less

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Good luck to South West members competing this weekend at Mildura. Laura Fahey - Cadet 12, Nerinda Beard - KA4 Light, Max Fahey - KA4 Heavy, Andrea Perrett - KA3 Senior Light, Phil Reid - Tag Restricted Light. Hopefully we can bring home some great results. ... See MoreSee Less

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South West members results from Round 3 of the Australian Kart Championship at Monarto:

Mitch Mackay- KZ2 (32 karts)
Q: 11th
H2: 8th
H3: 12th
H4: 5th
Final: DNF

Jay Coul- KZ2 (32 karts)
Q: 12th
H2: 14th
H3: 10th
H4: 7th
Final: DNF

Rusty Ponting- Cadet 9 (16 karts)
Q: 8th
H1: 13th
H2: 11th
H3: 13th
H4: 6th
Final: 10th
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Here's the link for round 3 of the Australian karting championships in Monarto if you want to watch our local drivers live with
Rusty Ponting in cadet 9
Mitch Mackay and Jay Coul in kz2
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Live Streaming from Round Three of the Australian Kart Championship in Monarto from 8am Sunday

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South West Kart Members had a very testing weekend at Portland for round 3 of Victoria Country Series.

South West Kart member results.
Rusty Ponting 1st Cadet 9
Phil Zentai DNF Restricted medium
Jaxson Johnson 4nd Cadet 12
Daniel Hookway. 6th Ka4 junior heavy
Nerinda Beard. 4th KA4 junior light
Max Fahey 4th. Ka4 junior heavy
Douglas Jackson DNF ka3 senior light
Andrea Perrett DNF ka3 senior light
Shaun Clover 11th Cadet 12
Jason Symons 8th tag Restricted heavy
Jaymi Mackay DNS tag light.
Jerome Speed 18th Restricted light.
Jett Speed DNF Restricted light.

South West Kart Club will not be having a club day on Sunday. Instead we will be going to Warrnambool on Sunday 28th May. Entries between 9am and 10:30am, breifing at 10:45 and racing will begin at 11am. Please make sure your transponders are charged and we will see you trackside!
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About The South West Kart Club

The South West Kart Club is based at the old Cobden Racecourse and was formed in August 1992 by local members who previously had raced at Geelong and Ballarat. At this first meeting a decision was made to build a first class bitumen track specifically for go kart racing, a plan was drawn up with the track being 966 meters in length and 8 meters in width.

After a lot of hard work from members and the local community which has got right behind the project from the start, the track was finally ready for racing on in March 1996 and has since had rave reviews about its plentiful passing positions, great layout, long straights and the ability to cater for large fields.

Sprint Kart racing is conducted on the last Sunday of every month bar December with racing starting at 12pm and concluding around 4pm, these days are called club days where members of the club can race each other in a relaxed friendly environment for trophies which are presented at the conclusion of the days racing.

The club currently holds three ‘open’ meetings where go karters from other clubs can race at our track and compete for prizes ranging from sets of racing tyres to a racing engine or other go karting products, these days a lot more serious with some of the best drivers in Victoria and South Australia racing at the track. Up to 160 karters have raced at each race meeting and this helps the district in attracting visitors and helps the club meets its financial commitments.

Go Karting is for people of all ages and is very much a friendly family environment, children can start racing at the age of 7 years and there is no age limit for the senior classes. Go Karting has a strict set of rules and regulations to enable fairness for all competitors and this helps promote the ability of the driver and keeps cost to a minimum.

Second hand go karts start in price around the $1500 mark ready to race with the costs of maintaining them approximately $50 upward per month. This makes go karting a very cheap form of motor sport when you compare it to motorbikes or other forms of racing, with the main attraction being the ability to have fun with your friend on the track which is open to members 5 days of the week.

We thank you for taking the time to read this and hope we see you at the track in the near future.

Club Name South West Kart Club
Circuit Name Cobden Park Raceway
Club Location Grayland Street, Cobden
Club Website
Club Facebook
Club Contact Russell White
Phone 0467 275 723

Circuit Diagram

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On board video from the South West Kart Club Cobden Park Raceway

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Club Details
Club Postal Address PO Box 119, Cobden 3266

Club Personnel
Club President Russell White
Phone 0467 275 723
Club Secretary Andrea Perrett – Fahey
Mobile 0437 456 245
Vice President and Race Secretary Ingrid Baxter
Postal Address PO.Box 50, Camperdown, Vic 3260
Phone 0438 292 667
Licence Secretary Chris Rodda
Phone 0407 328 262
Treasurer Lisa Pointing
Phone 0497 094 554
Publicity Chris Place
Phone 0417 141 300
Club Committee  
  Russell White
  Andrea Perrett – Fahey
Phone 0437 456 245

Track Details
Track Name Cobden Park Raceway
Track Location Grayland Street, Cobden
Track Length 966m
Grid Capacity 30
Track Surface Hot mix
Direction Anti Clock-wise
Open Hours Wed – fri, 12pm – 4 pm (5pm Daylight savings)

Sat/ sun and Public holidays 11am – 6 pm 

Xmas and Good Friday Closed

Camping Facilities npowered sites showers and toilets
Timing Strips

South West Kart Club Race Calendar
25th Jan 2015 Club Day
01st Mar 2015 Club Day
29th Mar 2015 Club Day
26th Apr 2015 Club Day
31st May 2015 Club Day
29th June 2015 Club Day
26th Jul 2015 Club Day
30th Aug 2015 Club Day
28th Sep 2015 Club Day
18th Oct 2015 Austrans Victorian Country Series Round 6
25th Oct 2015 Club Day
29th Nov 2015 Club Day

Gearing and Lap Times
Class Gearing Time
Cadets 14:75 52.00
Rookies 14:75 52:00
Junior Nat Light 12:74
Junior Nat Heavy 12:76 48.57
Junior Clubman 10:79 44.90
Senior Nat Light 12:76 48.57
Senior Nat Heavy 12:78 49.80
Clubman Light 10:79 44.90
Clubman Heavy 10:81 46.73
Clubman Super Heavy 10:83 47.40
Clubman Over 40’s 10:82 46.60
Formula 100 Light
Formula 100 Heavy
Rotax Light
Rotax Heavy
Leopard Light
Leopard Heavy

South West Kart Club details last updated 01/12/2015