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State Regulations PDF (for race meetings held in Victoria in 2017)

Date Meeting Name Club  
13 Junior Top Guns Round 1 Oakleigh

FlyerSupp Regs

Race Report

14 Junior Top Guns Round 2 Oakleigh

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Race Report

26/27/28 Rotax Pro Tour Round 1 Go Kart Club of Victoria

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29 Club Day    
5 Country Series Round 1 Ballarat

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Series Flyer (PDF)

18/19 Golden Power Series Round 1 Bendigo Supp Regs
26 Club Day    
5 Val Findlay Geelong Supp Regs
11/12 Golden Power Series Round 2 Rochester

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19 Club Day    
26 Club Day (F1 Grand Prix)    
  *Clubs can only run 1 club day from either day    
31st March to April 2 Australian Kart Championship Round 2 Geelong

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7/8/9 State Championship Round 1 Eastern Lions

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Time Table

Race Program Entry List

16 Easter    
23 Country Series Round 2 South West Supp Regs
30 Club Day    
6/7 Golden Power Series Round 3 Gippsland

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13/14 Australasian Kart Titles Goulburn Valley Supp Regs
21 Country Series Round 3 Portland Supp Regs
28 Club Day    
4 Open Meeting (meeting cancelled) Bairnsdale  
10/11 Victorian North West Titles Mildura Supp Regs
18 Gold Cup (meeting cancelled) Bendigo  
25 Club Day    
1/2 Golden Power Series Round 4 Albury-Wodonga

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State Regulations

7/8/9 State Championship Round 2 Oakleigh

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16 Country Series Round 4


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State Regulations

30 Club Day    
4/5/6 Rotax Pro Tour Round 5 Eastern Lions  
5/6 C & D Grade Titles Gippsland Supp Regs
12/13 City of Melbourne Titles Go Kart Club of Victoria  
19/20 Golden Power Series Round 5 Swan Hill

Supp Regs State Regulations

27 Club Day    
1/2/3 Australian Kart Championships Round 5 Go Kart Club of Victoria  
10 Country Series Round 5 Hamilton  
15/16/17 Rotax Pro Tour Round 6 Albury-Wodonga  
24 Club Day    
30th September to 1st October Junior Sprint Classic Eastern Lions  
8 Bathurst    
14/15 Country Series Round 6 Warrnambool  
22 Gold Rush Albury-Wodonga  
29 Club Day    
4/5 Golden Power Series Round 6 Eastern Lions  
12 Junior Challenge Geelong  
18/19 Kingston Cup Oakleigh  
26 Club Day    
1/2/3 Vic State Cup Swan Hill  
9 Karing Victoria Presentations Melbourne Taylors Lakes